All-New Hyundai KONA Electric

The All-New Hyundai KONA Electric is coming soon and we can’t wait to test drive the new Electronic model, but for now here’s some information we’ve got our hands on.


There will be different powertrain visions, long-range and short-range.

The long-range version

  • 64kwh battery
  • Up to 470km with full battery 
  • Motor output: 150kw


  • 39kwh battery
  • Up to 300km with full battery 
  • Motor output: 99kw

395Nm torque available from standstill. Charging port is at the front end of the vehicle making it easy to access. With alternating current (AC) the battery of the short-range battery can be charged in 6 Hours 10 mins and the long-range charged in 9 hours 40 mins. 

The Hyundai KONA Electric has the same features as the standard KONA, 17” alloy wheels, modern composite lights on front, 21 different colours to choose from and many more options available.

The new seven-inch supervision cluster informs the driver of system status, battery charge, energy flow and a number of other relevant driving information.  Paddle Shift on steering wheel and Smart Cruise Control, the Hyundai KONA automatically regulates the acceleration and braking of the car.

The Hyundai KONA Electric offers many safety features and complies with European Safety Standards.

The Hyundai KONA Electric vehicle is coming soon and we’re looking forward to seeing and driving it. We predict that the All-New Hyundai KONA Electric will be popular when it goes on sale. We will keep you updated to new information regarding the Hyundai KONA Electric and the release date.


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