Hyundai KONA Connect For Sale At Mooney's Garage

The Hyundai KONA Connect has arrived at Mooney's Garage Longmile Rd and Deansgrange

The new Kona's distinctly confident look, sleeker, longer and more polished, sets it apart from any SUV in the class. Bold, progressive design changes offer a more streamlined, athletic look to the new Kona while still retaining its robust SUV signature. The visual link between the shoulder creases and the smoother, cleaner, more harmonious front end accentuates the sporty silhouette.

Hyundai KONA Connect Exterior​

With exclusive new LED Daylight Running Lights, the striking new front-end has been entirely reimagined. Under the bold new grille, the eye-catching new main bumper flows seamlessly through the wheel arch claddings, creating a distinctive wrap-around armoured belt.

Choose from a sleek range of alloy wheels, including new 17-inch wheel styles. 16-inch wheels are moved from their predecessor. The sleek new tail lamps now feature horizontally extended graphics that reflect the distinctive look of the front.

The updated rear bumper follows the front and sides' defensive armour design and is demonstrated by the sturdy new metallic-colored skid plate.

The Hyundai KONA Connect Interior

The new Kona's interior is flexible, comfortable, and connected, built to express a more contemporary and sophisticated look than its predecessor. The recent design changes match the exterior flair every step of the way, rugged, yet polished, ideal for an active lifestyle. And you can pick and choose from the very best in cutting-edge networking and comfort features when it comes to smart tech.

The brilliant new 10.25" digital cluster displays essential driving information for an even more high-tech look, right where you can see it best."

The 8" touchscreen provides easy access via smartphone mirroring to car features, infotainment, navigation, and your favorite apps and music."

The Hyundai KONA Connect comes packed with the latest technology

​To help your active lifestyle, the new Kona is packed with plenty of smart technology: from powerful powertrains with hybrid options to clever networking and comfort features that make driving even more enjoyable.

Now with an increased range of state-of-the-art Advanced Driver Assistance Systems that provide you and yours with much greater protection and peace of mind.

The new Kona provides you with the smooth communication you expect from a clever vehicle, updated with the latest technologies to make your life simpler and your drive more enjoyable.

Hyundai KONA Connect Safety

For improved peace of mind, the new Kona offers an expanded range of safety and driving assistance features. The Leading Vehicle Departure Warning (LVDA) warns the driver when, like at a stoplight or in a traffic jam, the vehicle in front departs from an idle state. It has also been added to the Rear Seat Warning (RSA).

Lane Following Assist features the new Kona (LFA). It keeps the vehicle fixed in its lane when enabled at speeds between 0 and 180 km/h on motorways and city streets.

Hyundai KONA CONNECT Connectivity

With the 8-inch touchscreen that gives you everything you need, enjoys state-of-the-art smart tech right on the big screen, such as: navigation, mobile mirroring, multi Bluetooth communication, split-screenconnectivity, so you can power your car from your smartphone or from your voice.

The 8” touchscreen supports Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ so you can connect your phone and have your phone functions right up on the big screen.

Hyundai KONA Connect Performance

For more performance, improved powertrains. In terms of efficiency and sustainability, the powertrain line-up for the new Kona is hitting new heights. Enhanced mild-hybridpowertrains with 48 volts help you reduce your CO2 emissions and consume less fuel. The 1.0-liter T-GDi petrol engine with 120 PS can be used with mild-hybridtechnology. In addition, for the diesel engine, mild hybrid technology is common.

Also available as a hybrid, the new Kona works together with its petrol engine and electric motor to offer excellent fuel economy and lower emissions.

Save fuel with the 48V mild hybrid system and reduce emissions. During acceleration, it provides the combustion engine with additional torque.

Intelligent Manual Transmission The iMT decouples the engine from the transmission at a constant speed after the driver releases the accelerator to save fuel and reduce emissions.

Comfort 1.0 Petrol €210 €26,245
Executive 1.0 Petrol €210 €28,245
Executive 1.0 Petrol w. 2 Tone Roof €210 €28,845
N-Line €210 €29,245
N-Line 2 Tone Roof €210 €29,845

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Safety Lane FollowING Assist (LFA) Now featuring an extended range of cutting-edge Advanced Driver Assistance Systems providing you and yours with even more safety and peace of mind
Connectivity All You Could Wish For Updated with the latest tech to make your life easier – and your drive more enjoyable – the new Kona gives you the seamless connectivity you expect from a clever car.
Roomy SUV versatility. Everything Your Need Within One Touch Designed to fit everything you and your busy life can throw at it, the versatile new Kona offers plenty of room for both passengers and cargo
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