Hyundai BlueLink Technology

Your Hyundai vehicle will now be more than just a utilitarian vehicle. Since it will now be fitted with Blue Link, a network that allows you and your car to easily exchange vital information. It's an Artificial Intelligence-based technology that comes with an inbuilt SIM card and a 24-hour call centre to improve your protection, security, and convenience. It is capable of performing a wide range of tasks with ease. In short, Blue Link is designed to enhance the connected driving experience.


Naturally, Hyundai's equipped with the latest advanced technology, including smartphone mirroring and cutting-edge networking features like Bluelink® Connected Car Services, which allows you to power your car from your smartphone – or with your voice.

BlueLink Connected Car Service

Control your car with your voice or your mobile. Bluelink® provides seamless connectivity as well as useful features to make your journey more enjoyable.


Remote Locking

Have you forgotten to lock your car? Don't worry, the BlueLink technology will give you a push notification to let you know. Then, with the click of a button, you can lock or unlock your vehicle using your PIN.

Explore More

You can use the Bluelink software to look for destinations when outside your car if your Hyundai is fitted with navigation. The path is then synced into your navigation system by Hyundai Bluelink. Simply enter and click the start button.​

Lost Your Car?

Have you forgotten where you parked? Simply open the Bluelink app to see your car's current location – anywhere in the world.

Alarm Notification

Bluelink maintains a close eye on your vehicle at all times. It will send a push notification to your smartphone if anyone attempts to break into your Hyundai and the door lock is compromised and the door is opened.​


Vehicle Health

You may use the Bluelink software to perform a remote diagnostic search for added peace of mind. The vehicle report can include data on tyre strength, failure indicators, airbags, and the brake system, among other things.

Vehicle Status

Do you want gasoline? Check out the software. Enjoy real-time remote access to your car's status, including fuel level, doors open/closed or locked/unlocked, and windows or boot open/closed.

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