Hyundai i40 Maintenance Schedule


A Genuine Hyundai Service on diesel transmission vehicles is carried out every 30,000km / 2 years due to long-lasting parts that are used in the service. Owners should remember that a Vehicle Health Check (VHC) should be carried out every year or every 15,000km in between servicing, which ever occurs first.  *Service covers both the i40 Saloon & i40 Tourer Model. 

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What is Your I40 Due? When Is It Due?
Free VHC 15,000km / 12 months
1st Service  30,000km / 24 months
Free VHC 45,000km / 36 months
2nd Service 60,000km / 48 months
Free VHC 75,000km / 60 months
3rd Service  90,000km / 72 months
Free VHC 105,000km / 84 months
4th Service 120,000km / 96 months
Free VHC 135,000km / 108 months
5th Service 150,000km / 120 months
Free VHC 175,000km / 132 months
6th Service 180,000km / 144 months

What Is Involved In Your i40 Diesel Service?