Ad Blue - latest EU emission regulations

What do I need to know about Ad blue?



As of from January 1st, all diesel cars had to comply with the new worldwide emission standards. With many people not fully aware of what to do, we at Mooney's Hyundai have put this short piece together to help you. 

As part of this compliance regime, Hyundai diesel engines in common with many other manufacturers, now require a fuel treatment to be added to the exhaust system, in order to comply with the latest EU emission regulations.

The common name for this treatment is “Ad Blue“, this is a solution containing liquid urea. This can be purchased now in all filling stations and will be required to be added to your diesel car periodically.



You will have noticed the small blue cap beside the fuel filler cap. This is the fill point for the “Ad Blue“.

There is a gauge on your dashboard that indicates the level of solution in your urea tank. Your car can not be driven without this additive and the car will stop if you run out, so it cannot be ignored.

The owner's handbook will outline the amount required. Please refer to this or contact us below for more information. 

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