Child Car Seat Safety

The law outlines that all children under 150cm in height or 36 KG in weight must use a restraint system when traveling in a car.  A restraint system would be a child's booster seat or a child's car seat.

Rear-facing car seats must not be placed in the front passenger seat of a vehicle, car seats placed in the front of a vehicle can result in serious injury or death. There is no law against children sitting in the front seat of a vehicle once they are using the right restraints for their height and weight. All child seats must meet EU standards.

Drivers who place rearward-facing child car seats in the front passenger of a vehicle can now receive 3 penalty points. It is the driver's responsibility to ensure that the all passengers of their vehicle are properly restrained.

There are many child seats on the market. A properly fitted car restraint system will keep the child in their seat and prevent injuries. We recommend that you visit your local car seat provider and ensure that your child is protected in the right child restraint system. You will have to consider weight and height when purchasing a restraint system, so we recommend visiting your local retailer

If your vehicle is in a crash it is recommended that you thoroughly check the child's restraint system to identify any weakness or damage, if you locate any of these you should replace your restraint system. Some damage may not be visible. You should, however, consider replacing the child restraint system after an incident.

How do I know my child's restraint system is fitted correctly? You should always refer to the child's restraint systems manual when fitting and follow instructions. We recommend that you get the restraint system installed by the retailer to which you bought the restraint system from, as they are usually well trained in this area. Alternatively, you can get your system check by the RAS (Road Safety Authority).

The Road Safety Authority has a 'Check it Fits' service that travels around Ireland ensuring that child car seats are installed incorrectly. This is free of charge and quick. You can find out when the service is in your area here.

What is ISOFIX - ISOFIX is an international standard of built-in attachments to the cars main structure, this structure connects to the ISOFIX system and reduces the risk of incorrectly installing the child's car seat.

What is i-SIZE?  i-SIZE increases the support to the child's head and neck in the event of a collision. i-SIZE lets your child stay rearward-facing for longer, up to 15 months. 

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