How to Connect Your Phone to Your Hyundai Car

Whether it's talking on the phone, listening to music or simply keeping in touch, smartphones are connected to your Hyundai through the audio system allowing you to operate the mobile device hands-free, while maintaining focus on the traffic around you. During your journey, most of the features of your smartphone can be activated by a touch of a button or by voice commands. 

There are a number of ways in which you can connect to your phone to your Hyundai:

Bluetooth® wireless technology

Pairing your mobile phone to your Hyundai has never been easier! Check out these How-To Videos below:


How to Pair an Android phone to your car via Bluetooth 


How to Pair an iPhone to your car via Bluetooth


Android Auto & Apple Car Play: Let your smartphone be your guide

In order to use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto in your Hyundai car you will need a compatible iPhone or Android phone with an active cellular connection. Your cars display unit then mirrors the data of the iPhone or Android Phone by using the Apple CarPlay or Android Auto software.

How to connect your phone to your car

Apple CarPlay 

Access the full potential of your iPhone. Activate Apple CarPlay via the icon on the navigation touch-screen to enjoy all the guidance, communication and infotainment capabilities of your iPhone. 
Get directions, make calls, receive messages or listen to your favourite music, all via the easy-to-use touch-screen in your Hyundai. Or talk to Siri for absolute hands-free control. It’s the safe, distraction-free way to use your iPhone on the move.
Just connect your iPhone and your drive gets even better.


Android Auto Hyundai Connection

Android Auto

Plug in your compatible smartphone, touch the Android Auto icon on the navigation screen and you’re all set to enjoy a more rewarding drive with fewer distractions. Nothing could be simpler.
Phone calls, messages, navigation, music and more can be operated simply and safely while on the move.
Easy to operate via your steering wheel controls or Voice Control, Android Auto integrates all the best of Google functionality within your Hyundai navigation system. 
Whether you're going around the block or making an epic road trip, Android Auto makes it easy to access your selected apps and content in your Hyundai. 

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are currently available on: 

  • All-New i30                                                    
  • i40* Available on selected 172 Models