Restore Your Paintwork With Diamond Glaze

Diamond Glaze paint restoration in Dublin

Diamond Glaze is not a new product It has been around for over 20 years and is probably best known for it's ability to restore paintwork. Diamond Glaze consists of two parts, a paint conditioner and cleanser, and a piant protectant and sealer. 

The Phase 1 conditioner works like modern cleansers but is chemically designed to remove only the dead, oxidised paint or lacquer, and leave the good paint. This has the effect of restoring the paintwork to it's former glory. Phase 1 has removed all the oxidised paint and restored the colour which is then sealed in with the protectant (Phase II)

Restored van paintwork before and after pictures

Not only does Diamond Glaze produce an awesome, easy to maintain shine, it also protects the paint from environmental contamination and weathering for years with little or no maintenance. The finish is designed to shed water and does not hold it like some other finishes. This means that weathering spots and dirt just don't stick to the paint. This means your car will stay cleaner for longer.

Fix your cars paintwork in Dublin Ireland with our products

In addition Diamond Glaze has rust inhibitors to help stop corrosion in stone chips and exposed areas. We supply & apply this product here at Mooneys with special two head buffer, the process will take anything from 2 to 4 hours. Call us for more info on 01-4195800. 

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