Supagard Protection At Mooney's Longmile Rd and Deansgrange Dublin. 

If you’re looking to protect the interior and exterior of your vehicle, Mooney’s can offer you Supagard Protection. Supagard protects the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Supagard ensures the interior material doesn’t decline or the exterior colour doesn’t fade. Supagard offers invisible protection inside and outside of your car. Contact a member of our team at Mooney's Longmile Rd and Deasngrange for more information. 

What is Supagard

Interior Supagard Protection

Supagard has developed a product to ensure your vehicle can withstand the hardest of weather and climate conditions. The Supagard protection product is one of the most advanced treatments available. 

Exterior Supagard Protection

Your interior is safe with Supagard interior protection. A resin is used on the fabric seats and carpets which eases the removal of grime and spills. The unique leather Preserver seals and protects the surface against oils and water-based staining and dye transfer from clothing. The protects the texture and appearance of the material in your vehicle. 

The durable high gloss barriers stick to the paintwork and protect it from harmful UV radiation, acid rain, and pollution.

Why protect my vehicle fabric?

The fibres in your new vehicle can absorb liquids and dirt if they aren't covered, resulting in ugly stains and blemishes that can devalue your vehicle. The invisible barrier reduces friction between the fibres, allowing them to last longer. This preserves the original texture and appearance of the fabrics and carpets.​

Why protect my leather interior?

Nothing looks better on a new car than leather upholstery, and the sight, smell, and feel make the owner proud of their decision.

Supagard leather care products help to preserve, care for, and safeguard the fresh look of your leather seats, and our specialized cleaners and conditioners gently aid to keep the leather supple and natural.​

Why protect my paint?

The purpose of a paint sealant is to protect your vehicle's paintwork from the harsh environment it lives in: UV radiation from the sun, which can fade paintwork, atmospheric fallout and acid rain, which can damage the paint finish, road salt, and other contaminants that can fade and corrode the surface. These are the effects of contaminants on paint that wasn't protected, this vehicle was less than a year old.


The aftersales team at Mooney’s Longmile Rd and Deansgrange are trained technicians and can apply Supagard to your vehicle. Our team will professionally apply Supagard to your vehicle and provide you with a selection of aftercare products to maintain your vehicle gleaming.

You can be assured that your vehicle will maintain its showroom gleam with the selection of aftercare products are team recommend for you. You will wash and clean your vehicle as often as required safe in the knowledge that the aftercare product is fully compatible with your paint, interior and protection systems.

Contact us for more information and pricing on Supagard

Contact our team today who will answer any questions you may have. Our valet team can also book your vehicle to have this product applied to your vehicle. For prices, advice, bookings and more information, contact our team now.