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The New 2023 Hyundai KONA Electric At Mooney's Longmile Rd and Deansgrange

It's here. Now. The new Kona Electric is sleeker and more sophisticated, with a revised design, cutting-edge smart technology, and a range of up to 484 kilometres on a single charge.

Hyundai KONA Electric Design

The bold exterior design catches the eye with muscular sculpted shapes, sleek lighting and one-of-a-kind details that highlight the strong Hyundai SUV DNA at its core.

The Hyundai KONA electric interior offers a high standard finish, providing comfort on short and long journeys. Enjoy warm hands on cold days with heated steering wheel, set individual temperature for the front driver and passenger with Dual Zone Climate Control.

What's an electric vehicle?

Fully electric vehicles, such as the Kona Electric, do not use any combustible fuel and produce no pollutants while driving. Costly maintenance is reduced because there is no clutch or gears, and acceleration off the line is quick thanks to 395 Nm of torque. They're a lively and enjoyable drive because of the smooth and quick acceleration.

The Hyundai KONA Electric Exterior

The new Kona Electric's distinctively confident appearance has been given an even more streamlined, athletic look - while maintaining its adventurous SUV character. Smooth, aerodynamic contours and sculpted lines characterise the redesign, which flows seamlessly into the body colour treatment of the wheel arch claddings and the special new 17" wheels.

Flowing aerodynamic design.

The clean, flowing front end is like nothing else on the road. The unique closed grille sets the tone for sleek lines that provide optimal aerodynamics.​

The side.

The sporty silhouette is accentuated by the visual connection between the shoulder creases and the sharper, cleaner, more harmonious front end.​

The front.

The eye-catching closed grille flows into the distinctive headlamps and sharper Daylight Running Lights stretching elegantly around the side.​

The rear.

The sleek aerodynamic design theme can also be found in the new rear bumper and skid plate highlighted by slim rear lights with a dynamic new look.​

The Hyundai KONA Electric Interior

Roomy, well-connected, and adaptable. The KONA Electric is spacious and adaptable, with an interior that defies expectations for an electric vehicle. So sit back and unwind; there's enough room for five folks. But it's the attention to detail that really sets it apart. For a sensuous and elegant feel, discover an extraordinary level of comfort with high-quality materials throughout.

Fresh new interior colours.

Featuring new colours and materials, the new Kona Electric is available with a one-tone black interior with seats in cloth or full leather; as well as a two-tone grey interior with melange combination cloth-leather seats or full leather seats.

10.25”* touchscreen.

The 10.25”* touchscreen provides easy access to car features, infotainment, navigation, and your favourite apps and music via smartphone mirroring.

* Only available on Premium models.

The Hyundai KONA Electric Performance 

High output. Excellent selection. Acceleration is thrilling.

Nobody said electric mobility had to be boring. This sporty SUV is extremely exciting to drive, speeding from 0 to 100 km/h in only 7.9 seconds thanks to the 395 Nm of torque delivered by the all-electric drivetrain. You can choose between two alternative powertrain variants to get the power and range you want: the 39.2 kWh battery with a driving range of up to 305 kilometres. Alternatively, the 64 kWh version provides up to 484 kilometres of range on a single charge (1).

The Hyundai KONA Electric Connectivity​

The new Kona Electric also comes equipped with the latest smart technology and cutting-edge connectivity capabilities, such as Bluelink® Connected Car Services, which allows you to manage your vehicle using your smartphone, or your voice. The 10.25" big screen navigation system comes with a complimentary five-year membership to Hyundai's LIVE Services.

Personalised user profile.

Save everything just how you like it. Now you can save your infotainment preferences, such as language, Bluetooth and navigation settings.

Expanded voice recognition.

Activate and control features like climate settings, infotainment controls and side mirror heating as well as steering wheel heating via voice command.

The Hyundai KONA Electric Safety

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and cutting-edge safety.

We upgraded the new Kona Electric because nothing is more important than the safety of your loved ones. For added peace of mind, Hyundai SmartSense, our cutting-edge Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, has been updated with the most up-to-date safety and driving assist features.

The Hyundai KONA Electric Convenience​

Practical and adaptable

The new Kona Electric is designed for optimum practicality and convenience: take it on a journey and make use of the spacious 332 litre boot capacity. For more comfort on the road, turn on the optional heated seats. A rear-view monitor and a head-up display, for example, make getting there safer and less stressful.


Nice and easy. Switch between drive, neutral, reverse and park by simply using the buttons conveniently located in the centre console.

Automatic climate control.

Set your preferred temperature setting for the driver and front seat passenger – or deactivate the front passenger zone to save battery power when driving alone.

Charge fully over night or top up on the go.

Depending on your grid connection at home or the type of fast charging station you have access to, the new Kona Electric offers various possibilities and plug types for charging.

64kWh battery.

When using a 100 kW direct current (DC) fast-charger station, Kona Electric’s lithium-ion polymer battery only takes about 47 min to charge from 10% to 80 % state of charge (SOC). If connected to a 50 kW station, this charging time is 64 min. ​

64 kWh battery.

When connected to a home wall-box or public AC charging station, it takes 9 h 15 min to charge using the 7.2 kW single phase OBC.

Programmable charging.

The new Kona Electric’s advanced battery management system gives you complete control over when and how you want to charge it. Pick a time that best fits your schedule and budget, with clear overview of remaining charging time.​

Hyundai KONA Electric Price

Model Tax RRP
Executive EV 39kWh €120 €36,995
Premium EV 39kWh€120 €40,995
Premium EV 39kWh w.2 Tone €120 €41,595
Premium EV 64kWh €120 €44,995
Premium EV 64kWh w.2 Tone €120 €45,595

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10.25” touchscreen Touchscreen provides easy access to car features
Heated seats Warm in winter. The driver and front seat passenger seats are available with seat heating.
Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) Convenient and easy to use, it also frees up space in the interior.