New Hyundai Tucson

Combining a refreshed, bolder design with loads of new smart tech and the latest advanced driver assistance systems, the new Hyundai Tuscon SUV is better then ever.

The interior has an impressive blend of exceptional roominess and comfort, it is the attention to detail that makes the New Tucson interior so special. The ergonomic interior design has been upgraded with new soft-touch materials and refined colour schemes.

The New Tucson offers best-in-class boot space, quickly transforming 513 litres into 1,503 litres with the seats folded flat. There’s even more storage located under the height-adjustable boot floor.

Roomy and flexible. The New Tucson delivers a generous trunk volume of 513 litres. The variable load space is also simple to adjust – you can fold down the 60:40 split rear seats in seconds. And with the seats folded flat, you have a roomy 1,503 litres of space. For more comfort, rear seat passengers can adjust the angle of their seatbacks.

One of the big changes inside the cockpit of the New Tucson is the 8” inch navigation screen. Perfectly positioned for easy interaction, the seamless touch-screen floats above the dashboard. This design allows multimedia information to be displayed higher and nearer your line-of-sight. Enjoy quick access to the infotainment and navigation system, Live Services, Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™.

The exterior of the he New Tucson now features a new refined light signature with full LED headlights for an even sportier edge. They flow into the top corners of the new Cascading Grille, which sits atop the redesigned front bumper and skid plate. The strong, expressive rear now sports a refreshed taillight design and rear bumper.

The sleek appearance of the New Tucson is not just for show. It has been designed to deliver an improved drag coefficient for better fuel efficiency. Other aerodynamic improvements have also been achieved by the front bumper lip, the reduced curvature of the A-pillar, the rear spoiler side finishers and aerodynamic optimization of the under body.

Hyundai Tucson Mild Hybrid

Mild Hybrid Technology.

Tucson is also available with 48V hybrid engines that limit fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. This system reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 11% (in the correlated NEDC cycle) according to vehicle specifications. Available in combination with the 1.6 CRDi 115 hp and 1.6 CRDi 136 hp engines, the 48V hybrid system provides an additional 12 kW of power to the combustion engine during start - up and acceleration phases.


The key points of the 48V hybrid technology.

The following illustrations highlight how the 48V hybrid system supports the heat engine by providing electrical power on different driving phases. Find out more about this innovative fuel economy system by browsing the images below.

Constant drivingAt a constant speed, the light hybridization alternator / starter is either inactive or acts as a generator to recharge the 48V battery according to its charge level.

Efficient and boosted 

accelerationDuring acceleration, the light hybridized alternator starter supports the heat engine with a compensatory power of 4 to 12 kW, depending on the battery charge level and the amount of driver - initiated acceleration . As soon as the desired speed is reached, the 48V hybrid system switches to neutral mode, providing no power. As a result, CO2 emissions and fuel consumption can be reduced by up to 11% (NEDC correlated cycle)

Energy recovery

During braking phases, the rotating crankshaft supplies the light hybridization starter - alternator, which then acts as a generator with a maximum energy recovery of the order of 10 to 12 kW. The generator converts the kinetic energy of braking into electri city supplying the 48V battery. In these phases, the heat engine remains running to allow the transmission of power up to the light hybridization alternator - starter.

Extended start

stopWhen coasting at low speeds, the start - stop function already activates at 30 km/h. Under deceleration between 30 and 0 km/h, and with the clutch disengaged, the engine is switched off completely

Hyundai Tucson Price

Model Tax RRP
2WD Comfort Petrol 1.6 €570 €28,695
2WD Executive Petrol 1.6 €570 €32,455
2WD Comfort 1.6 Diesel €270 €30,695
2WD Comfort Plus 1.6 Diesel
€270 €31,695
2WD Executive 1.6 Diesel €270 €33,695
2WD Executive Plus 1.6 Diesel €270 €35,445
2WD Executive Plus 1.6 Diesel DCT (Auto) €270 €40,445
2WD N-Line 1.6 Diesel DCT Auto €270 €41,195
2WD Premium 1.6 Diesel €270 €36,945
4WD Executive Plus 1.6 Diesel €280 €40,445
4WD Executive Plus 1.6 Diesel €280 €42,945
Executive Mild Hybrid €200 €34,445
Executive Plus Mild Hybrid €200 €36,195
Connectivity AUX and USB
Electric parking brake The compact parking brake control frees up useful interior space between the front seats.
Wireless Charging Connective ports are provided to connect most types of personal music players including USB memory devices.