Hyundai KONA

Real style test is a matter of being yourself on purpose. Like the All-New KONA by Hyundai, our striking new Compact SUV. Distinctive and individual, its uniquely confident look sets it apart from every SUV in its class. Because we don’t really see the fun in more of the same.

Hyundai KONA Interior

The refined, sophisticated interior of the all-new KONA reinforces the stylish design and rugged exterior, while adding plenty of connected technology for good measure. Interior colour packs are available on Premium SE and Premium GT trims with vivid exterior paints, reflecting their dynamic appearance. Interior trim colours can also be chosen to match the exterior finish, colours include:

  • Lime
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Grey

Hyundai KONA Exterior

The all-new KONA adopts Hyundai’s new family identity with the cascading front grille. It features a distinctive mesh pattern which enhances the car’s expressive, dynamic appearance.A twin headlamp design features sleek, sharp shapes, with separate LED daytime running lights. These sit on top of the headlight cluster, rather than below - , giving the all-new KONA a unique visual identity – by day and by night. ​

Hyundai KONA Performance

Sitting at the heart of the all-new KONA’s engine range, the compact turbo-charged 1.0 T-GDi petrol engine boasts 120 PS and 172 Nm of torque, with CO2 emissions as low as 117 g/km. During everyday driving, this smaller capacity engine is highly efficient. When needed, the turbo delivers powerful low-end torque that works uniformly across the rev range, making it extremely responsive and fun to drive.


Intelligent features like Blind Spot Collision Warning, Rear-Cross Traffic Collision Warning and Rear View Camera helps keep everyone safe.

Model Tax RRP
Comfort 1.0 Petrol €270 €23,345
Comfort Diesel 1.6 €200 €25,345
Executive 1.0 Petrol €270 €25,345
Executive 1.0 Petrol w.2 Tone Roof €270 €25,945
Executive Plus 1.0 Petrol €270 €26,845
Executive Plus 1.0 Petrol w.2 Tone Tone Roof €270 €27,445
Premium 1.0 Petrol €270 €28,345
Premium 1.0 Petrol w.2 Tone Roof €270 €28,945
4WD Premium DCT (Auto) 1.6 Petrol €270 €34,345
4WD Premium w.2 Tone Roof DCT (Auto) 1.6 Petrol €570 €34,945
Executive 1.6 Diesel €200 €27,345
Executive 1.6 Disel w.2 Tone Roof. €200 €27,945
Hyundai KONA Interior Spacious Interior
Hyundai KONA Display 7” Touch Screen Display
Hyundai KONA Headlights LED Daytime Running Lights