Hyundai BlueLink

You may use the Bluelink app to connect to your car wherever you are and access a variety of cutting-edge features that are practical, private, and customizable. 

Before you even get in the car, the Bluelink app allows you to experience the simplicity and excitement of driving a Hyundai. The app interacts with your Hyundai to retrieve status information, send your route, or, if you drive an electric vehicle, turn on the climate control.

Ensure that your Hyundai is prepared.

To check on items like the fuel status, use the app (or charge, if you are driving a Hyundai electric vehicle).

Set the climate control to preheat your vehicle in winter or cool it down before a summer drive (only available on certain models).

Find whatever you require on the journey.

You can use Hyundai Live Services to locate petrol stations, charging stations, parking spots, food establishments, and other locations.

Voice Recognition 

No need to take your hands off the wheel, simply talk to get navigate, answer calls, or start playing music.

Forget to lock your car?

Did you or did you not? Now you can check on the Bluelink app and lock (or unlock) your Hyundai remotely.

Did you have to park far away?

Last Mile Guidance finishes the navigation route on your phone if you have to park before you reach your destination.


Is the alarm going off?

You will get a push notification on your phone as soon as your Hyundai notices an attempt to break into your vehicle.

Here are a few quick instructions for configuring Bluelink in your car. Please be aware that the Bluelink technology is exclusive to certain trim levels across a limited number of new Hyundai cars.

Hyundai BlueLink Video Instructions

We have compiled a YouTube Videoto help you connect your phone to your new Hyundai BlueLink.

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